How it works with gravity?

  1. Referring to following video starting at 7:00 minutes, there are something related to gravity, I don't understand,

    • Why can egg stand up without falling?
    • Why do your muscles stronger in different locations?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

    Edit, yet another crackpot link deleted.
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    1.If you take time to balance it, an egg can stand pretty much everywhere.

    2.Look up ideomotor effect.

    Bottom line is: nothing to do with gravity.
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    There is, at the "rounder" vertex of an egg, an air-sack. One common trick is to strike the egg sharply enough on the table to crack it slightly and flatten out that air sack (because it is an air sack, no egg leaks out) and let the egg stand on the flattened end.

    As Bandersnatch said, this has nothing to do with "gravity". Pretty much everything said in that video is non-sense. I assume you know, of course, that just being at "lattitude 0" means you are on the equator and does NOT mean you are at the "center of the world". The equator goes all the way around the earth. Looks like a tourist trap to me.
  5. D H

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    That video is garbage. The center of the world? Seriously? The sink trick is nonsense, the egg trick is nonsense.
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