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How large is this

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    when A4 is devided into 2 columns, how wide is each column in inch ?
    I only know metric system
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    One gazillion.
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    It is a fraction of a rod, pole or perch, but then you could use chains or
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    paper size is A4, i meant,
    now i divided it into 2 columns, and want to addin an image but don't know what size of the image would fit the column size, I use png and define in my latex file width=1.5in but the color looks terrible then.
    image size defined is 2.0in but when i don't define image size in latex file, error says unable to define image size. :confused:
    Now you understand what I mean

    Please if I can't finish this in time, I will be graded worse and no time for me to fix
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    Isn't this simple to figure out? A4 is 297 mm by 210 mm. Since it's longer than it's wide the latter must be the width. Divide that by two to get your answer. If you need it in inches, remember 25.4 mm = 1 in.

    Don't forget the left/right margins in your reckoning, though.
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    A4 is 8.27 inches across, according to Word.

    Wouldn't it have just been easier to use metric units to create your image if that's what you're more familiar with? I've never run into software where you couldn't choose between inches and cm as your unit for measure.
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    Talking about size, mine was about 6inches by 3/8 thick, i had to search the
    shop for a bap big enough for it to fit in, " i was starving hungry" :smile:
    but when i cooked it it was only about half the origonal size and my grill pan
    was half inch deep in fat, 95% beef, cobblers, beef fat maybe, well i put in
    4 cheese slices to bulk it up and spiced with my very lazy chili, and now after eating it i am still hungry :grumpy:
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