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How late is really late ?

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    Is it when I am not in time ?
    Or is it that I am not able to get out of something anymore ?
    Or is it when I am fully wired ?

    What is it ?
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    Well, we know that "late" is not on time. that is easy. is you are not on time, you are late. Really late is relative.

    here is a scenario:

    sally, a teenager, went out with her friends at 7. She was susposed to be home at ten, but she didnt show up until 10:30. Her parents simply said she was late.

    mandi, also a teenager, went out with her friends at 7. She was susposed to be home at ten, but she also didnt show up until 10:30. Her parents said she was really late, and she was grounded.

    It is all in interpretation.
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    thanks a lot,
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    Really late can best be illustrated by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm sure I'm getting the words wrong, but the gist of it is:

    Slartibartfast: Hurry, or you will be late.
    Arthur Dent: Late? Late for what?
    Slartibartfast: You misunderstand. I mean late, as in "the late Arthur Dent". It is a bit of a threat you see.


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    Different cultures also have different views about what "late" is. In Brazil, for example, it's not uncommon to show up 90-120 minutes late for a lunch date!

    - Warren
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    I think it is dangerous...<<<smila>>>

    For example, you and I have a lunch date, We are Brazillians, what you said, as I understood, I will have to wait for you around one and a half hour ? Am I allowed to eat first if I am really really hungry ? and does the late guy have to have any explanation then ?
    it was lunchtime... <<<smiling>>>
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