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How long and how ?

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    Do you know how long will it take a person to heal her or his broken relationship ?
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    Plaisir d'amour n'endure que un moment;
    Chagrin d'amour endure pour tout la vie.
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    I don't understand French..Can you write it in simple English ?
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    Some pople get over it quickly, wile others may never get over it.
    It depends on the person. One person I know is sad up untill he meets the next "love of is life", then life is good again...untill...
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    I want to know if that is the system internal of human beings -
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    There is actually a rule of thumb for this, believe it or not.

    It is one month of mourning for every year in the relationship.
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    The pleasure of love only last for a moment
    The distress from a lost love will last a life time
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    I swear I never let him go :blushing:
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