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How long do aquariums last?

  1. Jul 5, 2003 #1
    I have a 15g fish tank that's 11 years old. Should I be worrying about thr adheisive breaking down soon? Whats the average age of aquariums?
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    I would definetely recommend not using an 11 year old aquarium. The condition it has been in, temperature-wise, could have certainly loosened the adhesive. I don't know of any set age they last, but I wouldn't really use it just to be safe.
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    As a salesman of aquariums I would say yes, it is definately time for you to buy a new aquarium. You see the there is a basic flaw in the design of standard aquariums. They don't go gradually. They just go! One day you're relaxing in your living room enjoying the serenity that your tropical fish bring you... and all of a sudden * BOOM * the adhesives give resulting in a blast of glass fragments and blinding light. I never forget the summer of '98, there was an aquarium explosion just fifty miles away from my house, but we still felt the shockwave. I think somebody made a documentary about it... or maybe that was the eruption of Mt Saint Helens. Anyway, buy a new aquarium before someone gets hurt!

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    depends if u kept fish in your aquarium. if it has just been sitting on floor for 11 years it should be fine. unless dust mites have eaten the adhesive.
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    you could try renforcing it with some crazy glue on bother sides...It's Caaa razy
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    Could I do something like this? Also, do they really shatter? I thought they might just leak.
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    I thought they just leaked, i always understood it to be safe. but also a good idea to fill the tank up with water and leave it for several days without anything else in it to see if the tank leaks or not.
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    we need more information about the aquarium. has it been in use for 11 years or not? has it had hot or cold water in it? how regularly has it been cleaned? has it ever been sat on by a white rhino?
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    No,no prably not but if it is going to fall apart your should try it anyway...then throw rocks at it becuase breaking glass is fun
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    It's been in use all 11 years with cold freshwater. I just drained it and will start to clean it up. It shows no signs of leaks and really was never moved or touched when in use. It's 15 gallons.
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    Date of manufacture? Anything commercial from the last twenty or thirty years should last longer than you will --- if it's something assembled by a hobbyist in the first half of the twentieth century, take it to a landfill. Eleven years for any of the major mfgs. is just getting properly broken in --- enjoy.
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    there is so much to aquariums that i never knew...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    But then there is the ole risk-benefit ratio to be considered.
    If you keep the old one, how much are you saving and how much are you risking?
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    he sint ricking anything because he already has the fishtank its just a question as to whether it still holds water or not.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    To keep the old tank...

    Risk: 15 gallons of H2O and some fish on the floor, table, desk, or maybe your dresser and clothes, or even into an electrical systems causing a fire...

    Benefit: Value of one 15 gallon fish tank.


    Of course, being new is no guarantee that something won't fail.
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    Anyone with anysense would put the tank somewhere where it couldnt cause any damage if it leaked whilst they test it to see if it still holds water. Then he can see if it does hold water if it doesnt then chuck it away if it does then keep it and save the money that you would have spent on a new tank, or spend that on beer!
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