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How long do mobile phones last?

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    I read somewhere that apparently mobile phones are being made to last only a short amount of time (maybe a year or so) so that people have to keep buying new ones when theirs packs in.

    I've had my Panasonic GD87e phone now for a year next month and it has started to turn itself off in the most inconvinient (sp?) times, e.g. when your on the phone etc, and then immediately after turns itself on. This is starting to get quite annoying now as you can imagine.

    I was just wondering if this rumour is true and that my mob keeps doing this because of this 'scam'.

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    They're not made to self destruct at any given time, although it may seem that way to some people. How well the phones are made is driven by what it is deemed the majority of the populace wants - inexpensive phones, the latest gimmicks, gadgets and appearance. Most people aren't willing to pay a fortune for a phone that will last for years, so, they're not made to last.
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    I thought not. One slight problem though, my phone cost £279! :eek:
    Oh well, i'll send it to the manufacturer to get the problem solved and hopefully it won't be a major problem. :smile:
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