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How long have you really existed?

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    I was thinking the other day about human existance in general, and as usual I often come up with strange theories, which I cannot back up because I am not intelliogent enough.

    I will share a few of them with you and would appreciate your comments.

    1) In this expanding universe caused by the Big Bang I believe, is it possible that we cannot possibly have free will. Afterall, this bang caused the creation of everything in our known universe didn't it? If this is so, that objects like the planets of our solar system were formed as a direct result of this cause and effect directly from the big bang. Are we not just a by product of the same big bang, is everything we do not just an amazing ultra complex example of cause and effect???

    2) How long have I actually existed, or am I aware of my existence? When I woke this morning, the only conscience recollection I have of my existence is since I woke. Is it not possible that every day since my assumed birth, that I have been somehow pre-programmed with this information, what I mean is that yesterday does not seem real enough to me after I have slept.

    3) Is everyone else around me really real? Im sure everyone has thought of this from time to time. Do you ever think that it is all just for you, the whole universe is here just for your existence, is that feasible? The fact that I feel I am the centre of this universe in my mind which is possibly true, how could someone prove that I am not. Afterall we can never know which human being has felt the most pain, the most heartache ever in the history of mankind. With all these parallel universes around us, and possibly an infinite number of them, could there be a person on this Earth who may have all the answers but declines to even speak or cannot speak??

    If you have taken the time to read this, I appreciate it. What I would like is some comments on what I have written, in a language I would understand.

    Thank you Neil
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    Hi, Voyager;
    First, never convince yourself that you're not intelligent enough foranything. The fact that you're interested such things indicates that you are. Believe me, I know from personal experience that intelligence and knowledge aren't the same thing. You gain knowledge through intelligence, but the opposite doesn't happen.
    The thought that all of reality is one's personal illusion is called Solipsism, and it's older than recorded history. I doubt that anyone alive hasn't thought about it once or twice.
    The really cool thing about quantum fluctuations is that they can't be predicted or controlled. The Uncertainty Principle doesn't allow for predetermination (which would eliminate free will) because no particular particle's state can be fully determined.
    You are the centre of the universe to yourself, as I am to mine, because we are our own frames of reference. Everything that you experience is filtered through your perceptions, and is referenced toward how it will affect you. You will have no perception of the universe when you die, so from your perspective (or lack thereof, at that point), it will cease to exist.
    I'm not a philosopher, and am starting to lose track of my own thoughts, so I'm going to stop now. Hope I helped a bit. :smile:
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    wow the big questions ,determinism, consiousness and parrelel universes. Take it easy man. U might wanna check out past threads in the philosophy section. These questions have been disscussed before.
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