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How long is it until doomsday?

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    so... im asking you, physicians, and generally smart people:

    how long is it until the world (scientifically and philosophically) is uninhabitable (spelling?) and the human race goes bye-bye into oblivion?
    and how great are the chances that we'll actually survive it?

    i am aware that there are many factors to be considered, and there cannot be any "real" answer, but please, help me out here mayne!


    (please help me add some links here)

    thank you.
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    Hmm..is questions concerning issues like "the world" and fitness for human habitation interesting PHYSICS questions?
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    D H

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    He asked the question of physicians (and other generally smart people), not physicists.:biggrin:
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    Well, I highly doubt itll be in my life or atleast for the next hundred years. I dont know how it`ll end but the earth will eventually become uninhabitable. Hopefully we`ll be smart enough by then to have enough vehicles and ones that are fast enough to take us to another planet with another sun. If we dont then it means the extinction of this human race. Who knows how many other earths and humans there are in other solar systems but this one will be wiped out.
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    I'd give it a few months before it begins to become uninhabitable due to 'Hawking Radiation' caused by the Large Hadron Collider. I don't mean Hawking Radiation as in the evaporation of black holes, I mean the formation of orbitting mini-black holes at low altitude. It would be like having a low orbit Van Allen belt. Very dangerous.
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    1) This has nothing to do with philosophy.
    2) Most of the posts here are pseudoscience, and thus against PF posting guidelines.

    Thread closed.

    - Warren
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