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How long may one post be?

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    My first post
    If I need/like your opinions on an (complex?) idea which at its shortest needs a third of an A4 'paper' to explain, is it allowed to do so?
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    There is no limit for post lengths (apart from a technical one, I think 100 000 letters). Writing very long posts can reduce the number of interested readers, however.
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    We haven't had any issues yet regarding the length of a post. However, and I will apologize right off the bat for invoking this if this doesn't apply to you, the most common situation where someone posts very lengthy prose about something, it is often to discuss one's personal ideas or theory. Now THAT, we do not allow, per the PF Rules that you had agreed to.

    If this isn't what you intend to do, then ignore that last part. However, if it is, consider this to be a heads up.

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    Rather than bunging up the forum with a long post, why don't you put your detailed explanation in a separate file, like a .pdf, and link it to your post. Any persons interested in studying it can refer to the link.
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