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How long till I time out on PF?

  1. Aug 25, 2003 #1
    I'm not an english-speaker and I usually spend more time writting the messages... and I have to write them twice because the time of my account has over...

    So, can the time be longer[?] [?] [?]

    Thanx to all!
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    The current timeout is 900 seconds of inactivity for your security.
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    The problem is that writting seems to be not an activity, and I spend more than 900 seconds to write some posts... and when I click in Submit, the site ask me for the password and I lose all what I had write... (if I have not made an Ctr+C for security)

    That PC is only used by me, so, is there a way where I can disable the 900 seconds?
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    Or perhaps you could just go online to download the page or the thread to which you want to reply, then disconnect. That way you'll have the thread in your computer for reference while you type your reply.

    Then, open a "new document" in Wordperfect or Correl or whatever you have on your machine, and type your reply whenever you like, taking as long as you like. When you've got the reply typed out the way you want it, log back on to the Forums, click "reply" and "cut-and-paste" it into the reply window. (I learned this trick from a friend who's connection would frequently disconnect).

    P.S. I used the above-mentioned technique to write this response, so if you are reading this, it works.
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    Why does it disconnect? I never have to login more than once every month or so.

    Anyway, these things do happen, so whenever I'm typing a long post, I make sure I highlight and copy the text before hitting submit. That way, if something happens and I need to re-enter the post, I can just paste it.
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    Not sure if you were asking Nuke about his connection, or asking me about my friend's. My friend has dial-up access through the server at the college where he works. It cuts out frequently but hey, it's free!
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    I believe it disconnects after inactivity when the connection is dial up because the server can only hold so many connections so a time limit is set for inactivity so that others who are dialing in will have access as well.
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