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I How magnetic Induction Works?

  1. Sep 28, 2016 #1
    What exactly is happening to the electrons inside the wire while it is moving quickly downwards within the Magnetic field?

    Why do electrons move in one direction if the wire is being push down?

    I don't care what direction electrons move... I want to know WHY they move in one direction?

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    A charged particle with a charge 'q' moving in a magnetic field 'B' with a velocity 'v' experiences a force given by F=q(vxB).
    Look up Lorentz Force.
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    1. Whenever current flows via a conductor it creates magnetic field given by Maxwell's cork screw law, which in your case is clockwise rotation around the wire (looking from the screen ).
    2. This induced magnetic field will oppose permanent magnet's magnetic field at the bottom of the wire (cancelling out) and will be along the direction of PM's magnetic field above the wire (adding up).
    3. Because of this the concentration of magnetic field is more above the wire and less below it, this magnetic potential gradient pushes the wire/charge downwards.
  5. Oct 3, 2016 #4
    Suppose that only a single electron can fit in a metal wire is moving downward within the magnetic field, will a single electron still going to move to the direction base on left hand rule? If YES... Why does a single electron move there while the wire is moving down?
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    Are the arrows indicating the direction of the electric current or the electrons?
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    two arrows inside the wire indicates the direction of electron flow
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    As @cnh1995 said, the force on the electron can be obtained from the Lorentz force equation.
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