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How many 2x2 matricies equal I?

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    Assuming A is a 2x2 matrix how many different matricies exist such that A^2=I ?
    I am 99% sure the answer is 4 but after putting that down as an answer with supporting evidence I was marked wrong (or atleast not fully correct) so I am stumped as to where to jump and whether or not the grader may ahve just messed up.
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    Well, what was your attempt at proof?
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    D H

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    The grader gave you partial credit because you got the wrong answer but showed the supporting evidence that led you down the wrong path. Consider this matrix:

    [tex]A = \bmatrix 0.6 & \phantom{-}1.6 \\ 0.4 & -0.6\endbmatrix[/tex]

    There are many, many more of such. Show your logic so we can help show where you went wrong.
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    I got 4 equations,

    x^2 +yz=1

    How do I solve this now?
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    D H

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    Both of the middle equations (the ones equal to zero) have a common term. For example, xy+yw=0 is the same as (x+w)*y = 0. This means that at least one of x+w or y must be equal to zero. I suspect your four solutions result from setting y and z to zero. What if x+w=0?
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