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News How many beheadings in Iraq, so far?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I have lost count.

    How does Bush plan to catch Osama when he can't even catch the new terrorists that he has created in a country that we occupy!

    How many lives have been lost because of Bush's early and false declaration of victory in Iraq?

    I had a request for my resume and nearly got serious about going over there [Iraq] as a contractor, until I thought about who was driving. :uhh: Boy am I glad I passed on that one!!!
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    You make it sound as if Kerry has a better plan to catch Osama, all the beheadings would magically stop if Kerry was in office, and there wouldn't've been any deaths if Bush didn't declare victory in Iraq.


    P.S. if you can't call the defeat of Saddam's forces and his capture a victory, then I must not know the definition of victory.
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    Its time you hold those responsible who are responsible.
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    Also, Ivan, you know of course, that most of those terrorists weren't "created," they traveled to Iraq to fight us.
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