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How many credits should I take?

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    After this semester I will have completed Math up to Elementary Diff Eq, and both freshman level Calculus based Physics courses. I will be transferring to a university from community college next semester. I am currently taking 20 credit hours: Physics 2, Bio 101, Chem 1, Geography and Art Appreciation. I have a high A in every course, with the majority over 100%. I am very capable of doing well in the type of courses I have taken thus far. Next semester I will be taking my first "higher" mathematics course, probably either Linear Algebra or Elementary Differential Geometry, as well as "Introduction to Modern Physics". I have heard that higher math is a whole other world, and that most people struggle with it at first. I am confident in my capabilities, but am wondering what kind of course load you guys might recommend for my first university semester.
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    I'd be caution Intro level courses at a community college can give you a false sense of how well you really understand the material. Realize that your Physics class is most likely geared toward people who are going to try to go to med school or something and are "forced" to take it. I earned an A in Intro Physics at a sub-par school but didn't feel really that great about it because the bar was set kind of low.

    That being said it sounds like you have a good work ethic and won't have much problem making the transition. But still I'd try to keep your credit load at a reasonable level for the first semester as you adjust to the change in environment and tone of the classes.

    I'd do a standard 12 credits or 4 regular classes.
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