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How many extracurricular clubs are you involved in?

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    So this upcoming school year I was thinking of joining at least two extracurricular clubs (robotics club, & software developers club) on top of taking 6 courses in the fall term and 5 in the winter term. Generally, I'd like to see what type of extra curricular activities your involved, how many, and what your overall workload is ? I hope it will provide me with more perspective to what I'm getting myself into this upcoming fall.
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    This is one of this issues where quality outweighs quantity.

    It's important to get involved in extra-curriculars for many reasons: quality down time, expanding your horizons, filling out your CV, experience you can draw on for deciding on a career, networking, etc. The great thing about (most) extra-curricular activities is that you have the option to drop or at least postpone them when your coursework becomes too hectic. So what's really important is just to be aware of the commitments involved in terms of hours per week.

    Through the latter half of my undergrad I managed to balance a volunteer commitment with my school's emergency first response team that required one twelve hour shift per week. The cool thing though, was that you could study or go to class when you were on call, so the practical commitment was a lot less.
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