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How many Gods?

  1. Aug 9, 2004 #1
    I will try my hardest not to fret off to any religious beliefs of God, mostly speak of ideas to how we approach God. In my eyes, there can be 3 types of Gods.

    a) Creator
    b) Manager
    c) Sustainer

    Most I presume at this forum believe in a (Creator), that a super natural being, (infinite intelligence) existed before existence. How such could exist before the universe (or any other creation that 'exists') is paradoxal.

    Religions stem from b (Manager), where God comes in many forms. These Gods are believed to control faith and miracles, listen to prayers, watch upon their universe like a spaceless and timeless valley with streams of motion. They observe all from a top a hill, above all other scenery.

    And finally c (Sustainer). This would be most scientifical (in my opinion, er), that is, a Sustaining God is the underlying to all existence. That without this, all other forces and dimensions would not exist. We know of Motion and Gravity, but do we know why these two exist and sustain?

    There are probably many more concepts of God, and I would be very intrigued to see this discussion opened up.
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    My belief in god only exist for a small moment then dies.
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