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How many hours should i take next semester?

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    I am currently a freshman in university with 25 hours credit. After this semester, I will be able to take chemistry 2 (3), phy 2 (E&M and wave) (3), linear algebra(4) , D.E with application (4) , Multivariable Calculus (4) , Theoretical Concepts of calculus (3) , and abstract Algebra 1 (3) in UT Dallas and some core classes in junior college. I plan to take all science related classes in UTD, my question therefore is how much hours and what classes i should take if there is not max limit hours?
    I believe i can take the work load of 3 math classes and 4 other classes. And I will follow for the FastTrack 5 years Master plan in MS of mathematical science major that they offer.

    Any advise will be appreciated.
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    anyone can help me?
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    hmm.. 25 hours. do you sleep? I've taken 21 hours a couple times, but it doesn't leave you much time for anything else. My freshman year i took 15 hours and 18 hours, respectively. That seemed to work well for me. Even if the junior classes are easier, 25 hours is a huge load.
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    Ive got 25 next semester, and I doubt Ill have time to sleep:
    Modern Physics
    Group Theory
    Diff Eq
    6-hour physics lab

    I suggest a 5-6 course workload, so 15-18 credits.
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    You attend UTD?
    So do I.

    UTD Whoosh!
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    leon1127, I am not sure did I understand American system correctly and if I did does it mean you will take 7 courses per semester? Otherwise 25hrs is not a big deal. That is a common thing in Canada for Arts students, and engineering/math students are around 30hrs, which is 6 courses per semester.

    Pls could you tell me how many courses will you take/semester.
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    In my opinion, it is foolish and dangerous to take all of those courses at the same time. Juggling so many mathematics courses at the same time is a terrible idea. You will not be able to fully integrate the important material you learn in these classes in your mind if you have so many fundamental courses stacked in one semester.
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    Thx, but I am the kind that study ahead before i take the course. I am working on ODE by myself, I believe when i walk in that class, i will do better than most of the students. My goal is to finish my master degree ASAP, so that i can work to support my sister's tuition -_-"
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    You are crazy
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    I am taking 20 hours of all math/physics classes while working as a math TA this semester and I think it was a mistake. I'm fairly certain I'll come out of it with a 4.0, but I am DEFINITELY not learning material to the depth that I do when I only take 5 classes (and not working). There's enough time to do the homework and study for the tests, but there is no time to mull anything over and so the number of mind blowing deep connections I've ran into this fall has been disappointingly low.
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