How many M&Ms are in an ounce?

  1. I have a fishtank but no fish. I thought it might be cool to fill it up with M&Ms. How many bags of M&Ms would I need to buy? The tank is about 30x12x18.
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  3. it'd be cooler if you didn't fill the whole tank, just line the bottom with m&m's as if they were those fake rocks that people put in your tank. Then buy some real fish tank stuff, then buy sweedish fish and put them on toothpicks and place them throughout the tank. and maybe some of those gummy worms in the m&m's and chocolote turtles would be cool and hmmm...

    that's a 10 gallon tank then? i'd say get 3-4 big bags of m&m's then, at the least. that should line the bottom, but you can definetly buy loads more. maybe toss in some gum drops or something too. or just colored sugar or pixie sticks so its a bit sandier looking.
  4. If each bag has about 100 of them, give or take 8294.4 thousand bags.
  5. your girlfriend was right, you don't know the difference between an inch and a foot. The tank wouldn't hold 8 million m&ms let alone that many bags.
  6. don't fill the whole thing up! i'm telling you, make a candy fish tank! it'll be sweet!!!

    at the very least, if you're gonna fill it, use assorted candies so that you can please anyone who wants a sweet.
  7. first of all, I can please anyone, whether they want a sweet or not. second of all I haven't filled the tank yet, I was just curious. and third of all I made jello shots today and I'm buzzed. So what's for dinner?
  8. Damn, I'm sitting here eating chips and salsa, there is also a bag of peanuts within reach. so far i have dipped a peanut in salsa 3 times, and actually bitten into the shell twice.
  9. V= 30*12* 18 = 6480in^3

    If each m&m is approx a small cube of size (.25' x .25' x .125') v = .00781255 in^3

    so the number of them are:

    # = V / v = (6480/ 00781255) = 829440

    If each bag has 100 m&m,

    829440/100 = 8294.4 bags.

    You smell bad go take a shower.
  10. well i made myself fried chicken and mashed potatoes. it sucks cooking for one, i have left over chicken and potatoes. and leftover taco stuff from the other night. i also made cheesecake and no one to share it with..

    and that fishtank sounds so cool, now i wish i could have one. well, we have one, but it has turtles in it. plus i can't afford candy, it gets expensive. gingerbread houses at christmas time cost me a small fortune.

    and your ability to please would be greatly increased by a variety of candies creatively placed in a fishtank to resemble actual fishies.
  11. i like shelling peanuts, but i hate eating them.
  12. okay smart ass. read what you wrote here back to me. out loud.
  13. You smell bad.
  14. 8294.4 THOUSAND bags. that's what you wrote right? I may smell bad, but not as bad as your math. lol
  15. Yes, 8k bags my friend. Whats so amazing about that? If each bag has only about 100 of them. Plus my number is an underestimate, because they are NOT square, they are oval, which means you can pack them tighter.

    Bad, do you smell.
  16. 8294.4 Thousand= 829440000

    anyway, he's not filling the whole thing, i decided.
  17. How many do you think will fill a 3 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot tank, 100 bags?

    Listen to Gale, shes smart. Just line the bottom before you go broke.

    You SMELL BAD!!!
  18. 8294.4 thousand bags. is 8,294,400 bags. which at 100 per bag is 829,440,000 m&ms roughly the number it would take to reach from my house to the moon. That many will not fit in my fish tank.
  19. LOL this is supposed to be a site for smart people, you are off by a couple of factors gale.
  20. haha, whatever, its late, and zero's are cool. you're just put off by the coolness of the way i represent a thousand.
  21. Sorry, your right 8k bags, 8200 thousand M&M's
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