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How many miles has your car gone

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    And what condition is it in, is there any rust showing through, is interior falling apart, any major faults that caused you to think about buying a new one.
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    not sure what this has to do with science?
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    Rules in the PF Lounge and General Discussion forum in particular are slightly relaxed. Topics in this area don't have to be about science.

    That said, there's no reason one couldn't do science with the data requested...
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    point taken but it just seems a bit strange to be asking this
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    Perhaps. But isn't asking strange questions for the sake of curiosity a really important and wonderful part of being human?
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    In person maybe but curiosity is just asking or looking for the answer in a general manner,(asking questions people can relate to or understand why you asking) he doesn't exactly have and explanation of why hes asking
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    i have a little over 3,000 miles on my car and its in perfect condition, i do not plan on buying a new one car anytime soon
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    It should be, unless you live in Iraq.
    Why should you? Your car is barely broken in!

    Come back when you've got an extra zero (or two) on that mileage figure. :wink:
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    yes sir!:wink::biggrin:
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    Actually I would expect problems also in different places. Say, Nauru. Hard to drive hard, as the all around trip is 10 miles, yet because of salty drizzle everywhere cars tend to corrode fast.
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    We have a second hand Renault safira,2002. with 130000 miles on it, the interior is still fresh, the exterior has a few tiny imperfections, so far the only cost has been for an electric
    fan for the cooling system.
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    I don't drive yet but family's car, the oldest, has over 200,000 miles. Toyota, good car and hope it lasts for even longer time.
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    damn that's a lot of miles. shouldn't think it to last long with that amount. what year is the car?
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    It was like year 1996. Here and there, the car doesn't start right away in the winter time. It's color is starting to rust badly. My dad takes very good care of it. He also drives slower than most and accelerates the same way. I heard the nicer you drive your car, the longer it'll last.
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    Toyota is legendary for high mileage and longevity, is there a bad one out there?

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    200,000 miles is way tooo long of a distance your currently usable old car has made, which sounds quite ideal to me. I would resell it when a good chance for a better model or similar but more modern one comes if I were you.
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    not sure exactly.
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    nice especially if its one of the older models
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    2003 Nissan Pathfinder - 170K - Very good, interior is excellent. Un-stoppable in snow or sand - pulled a UPS truck out of a ditch in the snow 2 years ago. But it could be more fuel efficient ( the Nissan V6 is one of the best engines ever made)

    2012 Chrysler Town&Country - 35K - rattles like crazy, electronics not 100%, hard on brakes ( most of the loaded minivans are due to the weight and distribution) ( Our third mopar minnivan ( 220K sold for $500 it was beat when we were done, but the first was the best of the three, 2nd went to 140K - pretty much rusted out - but still ran well, got peanuts on the trade in), This third will be our last due to kids moving out - but also this one was a disappointment (as well as with the dealer / sales)- still you can not beat the utility / versatility of a minivan - today I would go for the Toyota ( it is actually a little bigger inside as well)

    2010 Ford Taurus 120K ( Company car) - Good condition, runs well, good for long drives. Good - but would not buy for myself ( Seems to be a lot of maint, tires, brakes) and unacceptable level of understeer, and transaxle occasionally will not engage into 1st when coming to a stop - engine revs and then bam! - about 1 / 100 stops.

    As for high mileage we had a 1997 Toyota Tercel - we felt like we paid a lot for an entry level 4 door tiny car - a little underpowered, but we drove it to 190K, when we sold (for $3000!) it was the same car it was when new - perfomance, fuel economy,cloth seats were in great condition, unbelievably reliable - MAYBE one breakdown in the time we had it,,, highly reccomend but not available today, and it was very basic.
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