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How many organisms have been identified by biologists?

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    Aprox. how many organisms have been identified by biologists?
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    *removes his answer in the interest of fair play*
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    I found a website saying 1.4 million species have been named. However, since it's not my field, this is nothing but a website claim. And someone else has already answered.
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    1.4 million have been name
    best estimate is 10 million
    The estimate are 2 to 100 million

    it is hard to evaluated the number of species due to the lack of information. It is though that 99% of bacteria have not been identify!!!

    http://www.wri.org/wri/biodiv/b02-gbs.html [Broken]
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    2- Flora and fauna
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    1.7 million species
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    I realize this is a question that could yield a few answers, but Matt has correctly matched the answer I have which is 1.5 Million.

    Matt recieves 1 point! Next question will be posted tomorrow.
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