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How many Penalty Points have you collected ?

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    How many "Penalty Points" have you collected ?

    ...and what have been your crimes ? I'm not really sure whether "Penalty Points" is the correct term, so let me quote the "Disciplinary Action" paragraph of the Global Guidelines:

    "If a member violates forum guidelines, he or she may be issued a warning by an administrator or mentor. Warnings range from 0 to 10 "points," depending on the severity of the violation. If a member accrues 8 or more warning points, he or she will be automatically banned from Physics Forums for a period of 10 days. If a member receives any warning after having returned from a temporary ban, that member will then be banned permanently. Obvious, incorrigible spamming or trouble making will be met with a permanent ban."

    Maybe I'm asking too much, probably if you recently received such points you do not feel the desire to make your shame obvious for all to see. But if you got your points, say, one or more years ago and have in the meantime become a straight and honest PF citizen, then it might no be too painful to confess the sins of your youth :wink:

    OK, I start it: 0 points, zero, nada o:) Honestly, I have to say that I consider myself some kind of a borderline spammer, somehow I seem to have to succeeded in staying beyond the radar :biggrin:
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    Re: How many "Penalty Points" have you collected ?

    Sorry, but infractions are dealt with between the member and the staff, and thus we do not encourage public discussion of this.
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