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How many primary sources of energy do we have?

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    I think we have 3 primary sources on the Earth.

    1st – Sun (nuclear fusion)
    Coal, oil, water dam – it would not exist without the Sun

    2nd – Earth (nuclear fission)
    Hot geysers

    3rd – Moon (gravitational force)
    When it moves ocean waters

    Anything else is just a secondary energy source.

    There could be 4th source of energy in the future. Annihilation of matter.

    What do you think?
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    If you want to differentiate between those that are a result of the sun in the first place and those that aren't... they all are. Earth would never have existed if the majority of the original cloud had not exerted enough gravitational influence to allow it to coalesce.
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    I see. Every particle heavier than hydrogen is a product of a nuclear fusion of a star, which existed before our Sun. The heaviest particles were created during that explosion.

    So, I could say that there is the only one primary source of energy – nuclear fusion.
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    Nuclear fission reactors do not have a source recently related to a star. Nuclear fusion on Earth would also not be Sun based nuclear fusion.
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    Wind is a 3.5th. It is mostly solar powered, but the general orientation of winds comes from earth rotation. Also interrelated with tides.
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