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How many states arise from

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    a 3d^4 configuration? I made a table filling out the possible spin states, but it seems like there's infinite permutations..:yuck: I know that's not possible but it's taking too long.

    Is there a formula to find this out?
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    There's no atom with 3d^4 configuration. So what's the point in thinking about one ?

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    I'm neglecting closed shells, so therefore a 3d^4 atom does exist.

    Anyways....I figured it out....there's (1/4!)(10*9*8*7) = 210 spin states.

    Electron 1 has 10 possible states
    Electron 2 has 9
    Electron 3 has 8
    Electron 4 has 7
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    No, dexter is still right. Or else, you should be able to name the element with the 3d^4 configuration.
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