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How maximum and minimum thermometers work?

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    How maximum and minimum thermometers work??

    Maximum and minimum thermometers has two mercury columns. One column goes up when temperature increases and the other column goes down when temperature increases (they work in opposite directions). How this is possible???
    Please send some help...
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    Re: How maximum and minimum thermometers work??

    Hi Fabio,

    The Minimum column above the mercury is filled with a clear liquid which expands with temperature. When the temperature rises, the liquid expands and pushes the mercury up the Maximum column this also pushes the mercury down in the Minimum column.

    When the temperature falls, the liquid contracts and pulls the mercury up the Minimum column which also causes the mercury to fall in the Maximum column.

    Reference: http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-63803600799585/5458troubleshooting.pdf

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    Re: How maximum and minimum thermometers work??

    It's good that he has an answer now, but if you look at the date, he's probably no longer waiting for it.
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