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How much co-op pays roughly?

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    Hey im gonna do co-op next year and wondering how much it pays roughly. What have people who done it got? What year you did co-op?
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    This question is very hard to answer seeing as pay depends on: Location, employer, year of study, program of study, etc...

    That's like asking: "How much will I make at my future job?" without giving us any further details! :confused:
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    It will most likely depend on where you live. Here in the midwest, the average pay for my university's program is a little north a $15/hour. That ends up bringing in around $10,000 for the semester.

    If you live on one of the coasts or a big city, you will get more in correlation to the living costs.
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    I just accepted a co-op at Redstone Arsenal and the pay is $12/hour. However, they are paying for tuition every semester until I graduate. If I were to break down that amount and spread it over sixteen 40 hour work weeks, it winds up being much more than other co-ops at my school that make 17-18 an hour. So look at all the aspects, not just the hourly rate.
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    Wow you guys are lucky. Where I live, the allowance is only about $8/hour.
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    Are you sure they will pay you after the work ?
    I know some are very 'careful' before they decide to pay their workers even when it passed the deadline for days
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    Don't you have to sign some kind of legally-binding agreement with them before you commence? How could they not pay you then?
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    It is an alternating co-op. I start spring of '09, they pay for a study semester (Summer 09) and I work again in the fall. It works out so that the study semester after my 3rd work term will be the semester that I graduate.
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    My lucky friend (we have finished first year) is making 22$/hr - He had ~70 % marks (almost average).
    He's just an average guy who talks more than what he know (and it would sound complete BS) :rofl:
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    jerk.. and here I am first in my class, making $13/hr and working in a town with a population of 5000, because I'm the only one the employer ranked!

    I think the averages published at U Waterloo are something like $14-15/hr for first years and increasing to slightly over $20/hr as you near graduation. This would be in Canada, and most average companies will follow something along these lines.
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    I am working at 14 from home :biggrin:
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    hehe. Ok, here's a breakdown

    Fall '08 -> Full load of classes
    Spring '09 -> 1st work term
    Summer '09 -> School semester
    Fall '09 -> 2nd Work Term
    Spring '10 -> School semester
    Summer '10 -> 3rd and final work term
    Fall '10 -> Last school semester and graduation.
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