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How much do you earn monthly ?

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    I live in malaysia, I earn about 1000 USD/month (4000 ringgit).

    Do you think your salary is Enough to get what you want ?
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    The higher your paycheck the higher your expenses. Having way too much money is better than having just enough money.
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    You got that right! after getting a real job...my monthly pay went up by about 8 or 10 times and my expenses went up about the same..or even more...so i'm still in the same boat as I was before...i'm still a broke college student...

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    People most often adjust their living standard to make 'good' use of an increase in their income, this seems to be human nature. So long as there are more nice things to buy there will likely be an urge to buy them.

    Turn off the television, pay no attention to advertising, do not window-shop or admire a friends new toy, put a pair of horse blinders on your head to block out all peripheral distraction and focus only on that next warm bowl of food… the key to happiness awaits you.
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    A normal starters salary is €30,000 or $36,650.9 USD according to my newspaper this morning.. not quite what it said on my paycheck though..

    It is true expenses go up when salary goes up, but that is a matter of lifestyle and can be adjusted.. buying a good used car instead of a new car for instance or going for that house that is a little cheaper, it is all about what you are satisfied with.

    I didn't have a car when I was in the US, but I had to buy several Europe/US roundtrips which digs quite deep in the pocket, especially when you are so smart to travel in peak summer/christmas seasons some things are in your control, others aren't.
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    Re: Re: How much do you earn monthly ?

    well....no new toys here...but did have to move 150 miles from my last residence (parentals!) and now have rent and utilities and food to buy so....its not always buying a new toy and adjusting your standard of living...

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    Re: Re: Re: How much do you earn monthly ?

    Your point is well taken, thank you.
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    jimmy p

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    I work part-time and earn around £400 a month (about US $584). Because i'm part time, i dont have to pay rent/bills or anything, so yeah i can get by easily on that...as long as i save about £100 a month for University funds (or if i dont get in, a car). When it comes to the summer hols and i work full-time, i think most of my money will go to the uni fund!
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    I make enough to live comfortably:smile:
  11. Dec 10, 2003 #10
    Can you specify what is a comfortable life?
    Big house, big car, luxurious lifestyle ?
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    *naively* I could probably save a lot of money by cutting out unnecessary expenses, like food, shelter, etc. Living it hobo style, that should leave me with enough money for tuition.
  13. Dec 11, 2003 #12
    That sounds about right! damn tuition keeps goin up here! and the "quality" of my school keeps going down! I think they're just wanting rid of me....yeah...thats it....its a conspiracy..maybe I should join jimmyp and co's rebellion against the likes of stephen hawking! *looks over shoulder* great now I'm going to have to start watching my back...damn conspiracy theory

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    jimmy p

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    I don't have a big house, or an expensive car- I said comfortably, not luxuriously:wink: I have most things I want, and everything I need. I'm not rich-just comfortable.

    Somewhere between 500/month and 10,000/month:wink:
  16. Dec 12, 2003 #15

    Ivan Seeking

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    Best month: + $15,000
    Worst month: - $3000
    Yearly: $5.43 [Tsunami takes the rest. ]
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    My overtime is a bit erratic, but about £24000 a year.

    I dont pay bills and my accomadation is free (although I pay £30 a month council tax), so I buy guitars, beer and rugby shirts.
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