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How much do you study

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    How many hours per day or p week do you study. I personally study like 5 hours for week. I get a notebook, the book and a glass of soda and then I start. What about you?
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    There's a poll around somewhere that is on the same topic. Some people go 12 hrs a day!
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    It depends. Some days in the week I only study one or two hours. Other days I study between five and six. I'd say it averages out to about 3 hours a day. Incidentally, I find that a beer is much more helpful than a glass of soda (to me anyway), especially when a bunch of physics majors and I get together at the local pizza joint to get our assignment done.

    Of course, right now I study 0 hours a day, since I graduated college and don't start grad school until this summer.
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    By study do you mean time spent on doing assingments, or soley time spent re-do old examples in prep for exams?
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    Interesting, this is the third thread on this topic in one day.
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    varies depending on wha you consider study
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    about 10 hours a semester.
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    :biggrin: Someone with sense!
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    I usually dont study unless when a test comes up and then I can study for about 5 hours a day for about 2 weeks. Also I tend to wait till the last moment to do an assignment and spend about 4-6 hours doing it (untill the early hours of the morning)

    EDIT: actually I really just study the night before and the moring of the test, probably about 5 hours on each subject
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    probably a night or two before exams ... and assignments are made/copied in class!
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    So other than the small minority of workaholics, we're all quite a lazy bunch?

    Surprising. I thought I was the lazy one.
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    Whenever I study, I have to smoke a bowl. Afterwards, everything crystallizes.
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    I looked about at school, and it seems that the science kids are either the geeks or the laziest ones... just my school (we're a bunch of freaks in any case) or anyone else see this?

    Personally i really do not do enough lol, but i find a bag of marshmallows helps the work along brilliantly! Other than that the computer and my friends are far too distracting
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    I don't really care what the kids in my department look or act like or if they are geeks, because I have drastically different interests than they do, already. I just care that they know maths and physics as that's why I am at school.
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    Hardly. At our school, if you're a reclusive geek, you fail. You have to be sociable and interact with your classmates because there is no way anyone who isn't a total genius - to the degree that there are none of the calibre I'm talking about here - can do all the assignments on their own without collaboration.

    A few eccentrics, perhaps. Only a couple I'd call genuine geeks.
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    That is precisely the reason I said, "I only care if they know mathematics and physics." I only socialize with my classmates about school.

    I hang out with my friends when I want to to socialize.

    EDIT: I just realized you might not be talking to me, haha! If not, my fault Sojourner.
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    haha! same! damn our schools! Apparently though i need to be more outgoing in class and contribute more. And access teachers. (damn parent's evening).
    What kind of school do you go to?
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    I say 'school' - accessibility to the American posters, mainly.

    Reading University.
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