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How much do you work daily?

  1. Mar 1, 2009 #1
    I don't know if this post is related to Academic Guidance, but it seems to fit here. So the question is simple, how much do you work daily/weekly/monthly? (choose what period of time you like). How long does it take for you to finish a book of...say 600 pages. (I know that different books take a different amount of time to complete, some being easier than others, but let's just say a standard undergraduate textbook on mechanics).
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    I know Dummit and Foote took about an hour and a half a chapter for me to read and do a few problems for the first half, it took me a couple weeks to get down the material through chapter 5 well enough to ace the class( I came in the class late through an independent study and the professor said if I caught up I could take the course early since I was still in my proofs class, so I just learned all of the material).

    On the other hand, a denser book like Atiyah McDonald's commutative algebra takes a good bit longer to get through each chapter and some of the problems are pretty tough.
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    I am currently writing my MSc thesis and I manage about 4-7 pages a day doing about eight hours solid.

    Hope that helps
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    up to 4 hours a day
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    8000 Kilojoules
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    Dr Transport

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    About 10-13 hours a day, between my day job and other activities that require my attention. My day job is no less than 9 hours daily, 5 days a week, and overtime at night or on the weekends in the 5-8 hours about 2-3 weeks a month.
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    that was uncalled for :surprised: :rofl:
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    Work or heat? :tongue2:
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