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How much force

  1. Nov 5, 2005 #1
    how much force and momentum would spongebob gain if he farted under water?!
    1 - a number too big to even describe
    2 - Who cares?! Patrick will clean the mess
    3 - It;s just a cartoon, stop spamming the forum
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    I'm guessing he'll get stolen from burger king before anything happens, so the real question is, would he fart if somebody stole him from burger king?
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    \int\limits_{sponge}^{bob} {F(H_2 O) \bullet dx}

    That equation should help
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    I think this should be moved into the "Physics" Section of the forum, as here in GD we don't discuss such important topics.
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    I dunno, I think we should have a separate forum for stuff like this...perhaps "Fizziks".
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    Ya know, with how stupid and useless public school is getting... does anyone think this might have possibly been a homework problem?
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    Depends on what he had to eat.

    Have you used the "poll" function yet...?
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    Actually I would think that spongebob's mass is too little for him to increase momentum by very much. Besides, sponges do not flatulate!
  11. Nov 6, 2005 #10


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    If spongebob was full of gas, wouldn't he float?
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