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Homework Help: How much has the cable stretched?

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    A truck is pulling a car out of a ditchwith a steel cable that is 9.1 meters long and has a radius of .5cm. When the car just begins to move the tension of the cable is 890N. How much has the cable stretched?
    converted .5cm to .005m
    area of the wire A = pie*r^2
    Y = 20E10 (steel)
    used the formula Change in L = F*orginal length/YA

    Change in L = 890N*9.10m / 20E10* (pie*.005^2)

    and got 5.2E-4 m

    did i go about this correctly?

    thanks joe
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    Doc Al

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    Looks OK to me.
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    Now, is this cable apple, or cherry pie?

    I'm sorry I couldn't resist
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