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How much is worth

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    Sorry this is not quite on topic: I am trying to find the best way to get a accurate value of stuff being put on ebay.
    Is the best way simply to look at "finished auctions" or are there services. These are both electronics and stuff I've had since childhood?
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    I'm sorry but I cant make any sense of what you just said. can you clarify what you are looking for
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    please elaborate on what you mean by this
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    You would need to get appraisals. These can range from professional appraisals if you think something has enough value, or look through books or magazines that list the items for sale, look up the items on collectors websites on the internet or go by what similar items have been selling for on e-bay.
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    Even professional appraisals may not give you a fair idea of how much you'll get on eBay. An item is only worth what someone's prepared to pay for it. Looking at similar items on eBay is probably a pretty good way to judge it.
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    You highjacked your own thread in the original post??!! I'm kind of impressed.

    If the items you're selling are collector's items with some niche group, you can probably find someone in that group that tracks the price of those types of items and lists them on a website. If that's the case, it makes getting a history a lot easier (Someone has a website with past e-Bay prices for slide rules, but you'd probably expect a slide rule collector to be more interested in a web site full of numbers than quilt collectors).

    Otherwise, you pretty much have to watch prices on e-Bay yourself and compile your own history, which takes a little longer unless you're selling items with a high sales volume.
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