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  1. can anybody tell me how much maginfication it takes to see certain micro organisms such as e coli, tetanus, botulism etc. ??? where can I find a suitable microscope that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
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    To see have a good view of E. coli, you need a 100X objective (more than 1000X magnification) to see good details although a 40X objective (more than 400X magnification) is sufficient to see the bacteria when they are stainned. I would not stained if I was at home because it is a messy operation

    Have you try ebay to find an inexpensive microscope

    This one would be sufficient but in lab we use something with more magnification power.
  4. Brownian movement

    Help. I got a 100 x toy and I can't see the Brownian movement ever. No one has ever been able to tell me what magnification I need. Generally I try aqueous solution.
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