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How much pressure do boiling oil and water produce?

  1. Dec 19, 2016 #1
    I'm in high school, and we have been split in several groups with each of us working on a rocket, a small rocket, that we will launch in the school yard after Christmas vacation. So while many went for a simple water pressure system, I was considering a more "dangerous" approach, such as mixing boiling oil and water to produce enough pressure for thrust.

    The issue comes here, I have absolutely no idea if this would work, if mixing these two will create pressure, or only violent explosions. The idea is to mix a certain amount of boiling oil with a certain amount of water, then if the reactions cause high pressure, we release it and make the rocket fly a distance, hopefully. I feel like the right people to ask are the chemists here, maybe I am wrong? If so please move this thread to the appropriate section :-)

    Thank you all
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