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How much sleep do you get?

  1. < 2

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  2. Between 2 and 4.

    2 vote(s)
  3. Between 4 and 6.

    15 vote(s)
  4. Between 6 and 8.

    35 vote(s)
  5. Between 8 and 10.

    6 vote(s)
  6. > 10

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  1. Dec 12, 2006 #1
    Since I have an 8am class 3 days per week, I get about 6 hours on the previous nights. The other nights I average about 10 hours, so my sleeping schedule is really polar, and it's annoying. Next semester I'll be waking up every day at the same time. What about you all?
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  3. Dec 12, 2006 #2
    I wake up about the same time everyday, 7:30-8:30. I usually get at least 7 hours of sleep.
  4. Dec 12, 2006 #3


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    Between about 6 and 8...on average. Some nights it's closer to 1 or 2, and others I get more like 12, but usually about 6 or 7 weekdays and a few extra hours on weekends. Even if I can't sleep for a solid block of 6 hours, some fragmented naps will help me remain functional.
  5. Dec 12, 2006 #4


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    I get about 4-7 hrs depending.
  6. Dec 12, 2006 #5
    Between 4 and 6 for me, I have 8am classes and don't go to bed until 12:30 or 1 on a good day which I always come to regret in the morning.
  7. Dec 12, 2006 #6
    I try to limit my sleeping to 6-7 hours a night, but catch up on weekends with a good 9 hour doze.
  8. Dec 12, 2006 #7
    I was once told that the number of hours of total sleep is not as important as actually how many hours of REM sleep you get. The faster you get to REM can mean you dont need as much sleep, like 5 hours can make you feel plenty rested if you are in the REM stage most of the time. I usually sleep 6 hours and feel pretty good in the morning.
  9. Dec 12, 2006 #8


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    I voted 4-6, but it varies. I go to bed sometime between 11 and midnight, and the alarm is set for 7:30. Unfortunately, W insists upon waking me up every time she wants to move. If we're lying on our left sides, she'll shake me awake and say 'Roll over, honey'. This is simply so that I can then put my arm around her rather than the other way around. That goes the other way if we start on our right sides. She can't seem to sleep without physical contact. All in all, I would far prefer that she just forcibly roll me over without waking me up. :grumpy:
  10. Dec 12, 2006 #9


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    I need 10 hours of sleep a night and I don't get it.
  11. Dec 12, 2006 #10
    5 hrs is pretty standard, but weekends up to 8! Funny... sometimes before exam you think "after this is over, I will sleep my head off, just let me hit a bed".... and then after the exam sleeps disappears somehow... does anyone have this experience...?
  12. Dec 12, 2006 #11
    The day is pretty much worthless unless I get a solid 7-8 hours.
  13. Dec 12, 2006 #12


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    My sleep schedual is quite variable. Normal work days (nights) I get to bed by 7:30am and sleep as long as I can, usually some time after noon and before 2pm. Around 6hrs.

    Weekends, I stay up as late as I can, 2-3am then sleep as late as I can.. 10am-noon.

    I try to keep the 7am -10am as a consistent sleep block.
  14. Dec 13, 2006 #13


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    On regular days i get 6-8, on vacations i get solid 10s and on finals, i get solid 1-2 hours if possible.
  15. Dec 13, 2006 #14
    5-6 weekdays, 13 weekends.

    That comes with working until midnight several days out of the week.
  16. Dec 13, 2006 #15
    sleep = 2:30am to 8 am.

    weekends, 2:30am to 12pm.
  17. Dec 13, 2006 #16
    what does it mean?
  18. Dec 13, 2006 #17


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    You young buggers are starting to piss me off.:tongue:
    I used to go by anywhere from 0 to 6 hours, and (as mentioned elsewhere), my record was 142 hours awake, with a couple of 1 & 2 hour naps. Now, it really doesn't seem to matter whether or not I sleep. Either way, I'm exhausted all of the time. I assume that due to the emphysema, I can't get enough oxygen to properly enervate my body. I should really make a resolution to quit smoking when I'm 80.
  19. Dec 13, 2006 #18
    I have a class at 8 o'clock in the morning three days per week.
  20. Dec 13, 2006 #19
    This thread inspired me to try to get 6 last night. After letting some cold air into my room I set my alarm for 6 hours and dozed off in about 10 minutes. Once I woke up to the alarm I couldn't convince myself to wake up and went back to bed and slept another 2 hours. lol
  21. Dec 13, 2006 #20
    Wake up: 4:30am
    Sleep: 10:00pm

    Yawn: all day
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