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Homework Help: How much work is done by force

  1. Oct 20, 2008 #1


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    Hi everyone

    I have a question

    A force acting on an object moving along the x-axis is given by Fx=(10x-2.0x^2)N
    Where x is in m. how much work is done by this force as the object moves from x=-1 to x=+6

    My answer was:
    when it says the object moves from -1 ro +6, that means it looks like triangle and the hight will be 6m

    I used this formula to getthe area of triabgle
    Wab = 1/2 (base) (high), where the high is 6, but what is the base?

    Here I am lost
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    What they are wanting is the integral of the function over the range -1 to +6

    Fx = 2*x -10*x2
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