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How not to create a hashtag

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    The Dallas Cowboys (American) football team is playing in London this weekend, so they launched a Twitter hashtag #CowboysUK.

    (If you don't "get" it at first, convert it to all lowercase.)
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    Yeah well, here's someone who doesn't get this hashtag hype whether they sUK or not.
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    Well, at least they aren't playing on Pen Island... ;)
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    Perhaps they just have an #inferioritycomplex?
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    It's still better than the hashtag for Susan Boyle's Album Party, #Susanalbumparty.
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    Sometimes, punctuation is a good thing.
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    Oh my god....
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    As in the difference between "Let's eat Grandma!" and "Let's eat, Grandma!"

    Someone (Lynne Truss) wrote a book about the importance of punctuation, contrasting the difference between a koala that "eats shoots and leaves" and one that "eats, shoots, and leaves." The title of the book is "Eats, Shoots & Leaves."
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