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How Obtain A Wavefunction

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    How you obtain the Wavefunction of a system?

    [tex]\Psi[/tex] = A e[tex]^{kx + wt}[/tex]

    I get it that you can plug this in the Schrodinger equation, but what I don't get is how you obtain the parameters experimentally ???
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    The wavenumber and angular frequency are related to the momentum and energy respectively:

    [tex]\Psi = Ae^{i(kx-\omega t)} = Ae^{i(px-Et)/\hbar}[/tex]

    The amplitude is related to the relative probability of finding the particle at a particular location. For a pure plane wave (same amplitude everywhere), the probability is uniform. That is, the particle is just as likely to be located one place as any other place.
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