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How old are C++ developers

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    On average how old are they in your area ? Is there any of 45 and still being a coder ?
    I'm thinking about applying for a job as one at my current age (38). I m afraid the company hiring mw may have a young man of 24 be my team leader. In theory it is fine but truth is noooo not ok at all
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    Then you're not a team player with "great interpersonal skills" that they are looking for. Say I'm interviewing you and ask you that question, "you alright with someone younger than you being your boss?" What ya' gonna' say? "Oh, nooooo way. I ain't listen' to some young dude." Or, "I can assure you that I'll work to be a team player and contribute in a positive way to the team I'm working with and will work hard to not only support the actions of my boss, regardless of how old he or she is, but also work to help them succeed in their efforts to be successful achieving the goals of the company."

    And then of course do it and try your best to get along with your young boss and help him shine and show not a trace of resentment or jealously.
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