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How old is your brain?

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    hey there, try this [game] and find out how old is your brain [instantaneous memory, precisely]


    Read the instructions first before you start, it is described underneath the game

    I’ve tried it and it appears that my brain age is 20!! Unlike my real age:biggrin:
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    25 for me. Young at heart and mind apparently. :biggrin:
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    31 years and a few months.
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    I'm 15 and I tried twice and got 52 and 32 respectively. :(

    LOL, senility is just around the corner for me.
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    I have a 20 year old brain. This makes sense... one of my education friends once told me you tend to teach the level where your brain functions. I'm like an underage drinker at heart... huzzah! (Just kidding, I haven't touched a drop since I decided to buy the pregnancy test kit... tho' believe me I've often wanted just one beer when the back aches a bit!)
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    One half 10 years old (magical, independent and spatial reasoning), the other 25 (ethical, emotional and social reasoning). Corpus Callosum, ageless.
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    I got a 33, then a 34....I like my real age way better :)
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    Do not wish to reveal my score.I just looked at my other bits and they seem to be doing well for their age.

    I think I'll try injecting some embryonic stem cells in my brain.Can someone lend me a syringe?
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