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How old?

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    I have a question: How old is spongebob? he goes to primary school, has a job, and lives by himself:surprised how old is he:grumpy:

    i have figuered: 15*46/1564-654+155 = -498.55882352941176470588235294118 days old
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    He goes to BOATING school, not primary. lol
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    lol get your facts straight. by my guess, he is about 16-21 in fish years, assuming that he is around the same age as squidward, but a giant baby at heart
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    " he goes to primary school, has a job, and lives by himself"
    which is meaningless. Where did you get the numbers you used in your "solution"?
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    that in of itself is word salad!

    The job is derivable by the cross product vector of his pineapple and patrick.
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    are you taking into consideration the aging effects of disulfide mixed with sponge?
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    His age is ambiguous! In fact, he is ageless.
    http://www-personal.umich.edu/~goodwins/bob/faq.html [Broken]

    I am surprised that this topic was started in General Math.
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    Now these are the kind of math topics I like! I was just browsing through the board "tensor analysis and differential geometry," came back to the general math section and see "how old is Spongebob." :D
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