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How outrageous is this?

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    I generally have enjoyed Anthony Bourdain's shows on The Travel Channel and more recently on CNN. He pushes the envelope with some of his comments, but did he go too far this time? I haven't heard any expression of outrage yet, but I would be surprised if the target of his "cute" remark doesn't respond in some way. Anyway, it's at the end of this description of his CNN show today.

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    All I know is that I'm glad I read that BEFORE I dove in to the sausage and mushroom pasta dish I'm about to eat. Yeech!
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    Consider a juice cleanse.
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    What are we supposed to be outraged about, exactly?

    Personally, I would hate to receive the shaman's spit-shower (about halfway through the 2-minute video clip), but otherwise I don't see anything particularly troubling in the text or video.
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    I think it's hysterical, Paltrow is a bit nutty vegan and into bogus "health" things. So, if you know about Paltrow's beliefs, it's very funny.
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    OK. I didn't know. It came across to me as gross and quasi-sexual innuendo about an attractive celebrity. What kind of mind comes up with stuff like that? But as I said, I like his shows.
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    He has a very sharp tongue, but his insight on the areas he visits is what sets his shows a notch above the others.
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    I'd say two notches.
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    First of all, who thinks that Gwyneth Paltrow is attractive?

    Second of all, the "juice cleanse" is soooooo yesterday, its now the decaf Chai cleanse that's all the rage :wink:
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    Ever since I saw her in proof, she's always had a special little spot in my heart.
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    Hmmm, I think they also said that Julia Roberts was the sexiest woman alive at some point and she's a certified "_____" if you ask me.

    Sorry, I don't want to get an infraction. If I get permission, I'll fill in the blank :wink:
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    What, "butterface" is banned?! :uhh:
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