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How p-Brane Acquires Mass?

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    How p-Brane Acquires Mass???

    Proponents of M-theory say that branes have mass. My question is how? Branes are defined as the vibrational patterns of energy. So, I guess, using Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula [itex] m = \frac{E}{c^2}[/itex].
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    I think the dimensional existence of Branes is along the lines of this little ditty/expose:A billiard table with two red billiard balls on its surface produce an area of interactions. The Balls are 3-D solid the table surface being 2-D waves.

    Balls made from a Proton Core, table made from a Electro-Magnetic Plane, allows the Proton to sit upon the 2-D surface and interact with other Protons. The confined Mass of a Proton is is bundled up into a 'SOLID', but opened out the Mass tends to infinity, it is not confined by Area/Volume.

    Branes are not made form a higher Dimensional energy, if they were then Galaxies would not be Confined into structure's of Volume/Area's. Branes are like the Table, they are Dimensionally 'opened-out' energy, energy that is dimensionally reduced, less than 3-D, so Branes are infact consisted of Electro-Magnetic Energy, this dimensionally aspect gives Matter a Field in which to sit.

    If, for instance Branes were of a higher dimensional structure, say for instance comprising of 5-D space, then all 3-D matter would be falling through Space, the Geometric 'Gaps' would be larger than a single Proton, and therefore no Solid structure could exist anywhere inside a 5-D space.

    If matter was made from a 5-D energy then, what we deem as 3-D matter would actually be the Background (2-D equivilent energy) in which 5-D energy exists within, but the Mass of the proton would not be confined and detectable, same as the Mass of a E-W is a 'open', non-confined energy-mass product.

    M-Theory predictions of a higher dimensional 'hierarchy' cannot be correct in General Relitivity.

    Branes are therefore the nothing more than constructs of an incorrect model extension, created infact by the Mathematical Genius's who neglect to take Geometric facts of life into considerations.

    Give me a '100 numbers' and I could arrange them into a consistent evolving abstract representation of anything to do with counting, but this would be based on my ability to move numbers around in multi-permutational methodolgy, it can never tell me what '100 Numbers' actually mean.

    Some people can make a mile out of an Inch, mathematicians can make a million out of one, :smile:
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    Implying an infinitely extended table? Or does a brane has an edge? Can brane closed-in on itself?
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