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A How parity exchanges right handed and left handed spinors

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    Reading through David Tong lecture notes on QFT.

    On pages 94, he shows the action of parity on spinors. See below link:

    [1]: http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/tong/qft/qft.pdf

    In (4.75) he confirms that parity exchanges right handed and left handed spinors.

    Or for an arbitrary representation of the Clifford algebra:

    $$ P: \psi_{+} \to \psi_{-} $$


    $$ \psi_{+}$$ and $$ \psi_{-} $$ are projections of the Dirac spinor $$\psi$$

    But this is unclear to me.

    To prove he says:

    **Under parity, rotations don't change sign. But boosts do flip sign.**

    Again this isn't clear. We are talking about a discrete Lorentz transformation, i.e. parity, on spacetime which is neither a rotation nor a boost. But why we are mixing them up? I mean a rotation and boost on the Dirac spinor?
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