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How prove the maximum of 2 functions

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    The maximum of 2 functions, namely f(x) and g(x) is defined as…

    M(x) = ½ [ ( f + g ) + | f – g | ]

    Can someone show me how this is proved out
    or derived please?

    Many Thx! :smile:
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    (a) Can you prove it for numbers?
    I.E. max(x, y) = ((x + y) + |x - y|) / 2

    (b) Once you've done that, can you then prove it for functions?
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    How to prove the maximum of 2 functions

    Thx Hurkyl,

    Yes you are correct it works for both numbers as well as functions. But what I need to know is where or how did this equation come about – that is, do you know how it was created from First Principles – and please tell me how this is done if you know!

    Many thx!
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