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Homework Help: How pure hcl is covalent

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    Can someone explain to me how pure hcl is covalent, and what happens when it is dissolved in water? I know it conducts electricity. But im a bit lost
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    Is it really covalent? Consider the electronegativites.

    For the second part, you should be able to locate a picture in your text, which shows the ordered arrangement of water molecules around the H+ and Cl-, HCl is a strong electrolyte in water at room temperature.
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    There is nothing called a pure Covalent..compound.

    Nothing is purely covalent.
    Only the molecules are.

    Think of HCl as:--
    H-Cl, with Cl having the bonding electron cloud closer to it.
    In water, the picture is that due to fact that
    [tex]H^+ + Cl^-[/tex] is of low energy, so it is stable in the solution, rather than the undivided molecules.
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