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How Ravenous Soviet Viruses Will Save the World: Wired.com

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I got to admit, this idea scares me a little. One of the ways in which bacteria are known to adapt is the area of alternative food sources, especially under pressure of starvation. If a bacteriaphage is placed in a body where bacteria are plentifull, it may flourish and become quite numerous. Then, when the bacteria that served as its original foodsource is exhausted, some individualls of this vast population may develope the ability to eat the helpfull bacteria in the digestive tract. They might even start living off the proteins that hold our cell-walls together! Thing is, the very feature that makes bacteriophages desirable, their ability to evolve, also makes them dangerously unpredictable.
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    This problem shows nicely how systematically holistic thinking is necessary for coming to grips with the fundamental questions.

    But then the question is: what does "systematically holistic thinking" really mean and imply?

    (I am trying to get at this on a thread in the sector Philosophy of Science and Mathematics)
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