Schools How reputed is the University?

  1. I am interested in following a Masters course in Space Sciences at the International Space University in France. I would like to know whether the University is reputed and accepted anywhere in the world...
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  3. Yes, France's school is famous, i am in Korea and know it too.
  4. Just for curiosity, where in korea? As a korean i would be gladaly appreciative of the information.
  5. Is it the same International Space University? And have you been there? do you know anyone who has attended that University?
  6. the question is NOT what the reputation of your college is, the question is how big your own reputation is...

  7. True, provided that either you are already attending the college or have attended. However, BEFORE you apply to the college and accept the offer, you need to know whether the college is accepted and recognized for the course interested.
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