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Medical How safe are dental materials?

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    Over the past few weeks I've undergone a few operations. I had a root canal, crown lengthening and filling. Throughout these procedures loads of various chemicals and materials were put in my mouth. Many times I think some got swallowed or at least eventually leak into my system. Are these chemicals and materials all non toxic and safe or are they not in large enough quantities to harm me short term?
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    I think they're perfectly safe but some people have a strange allergic reaction and grow buck teeth,big ears and grey fur.
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    Why not ask the dentist? Are there no patient information leaflets with these substances being used in dentistry? They must've gone through some form of approval process, if not then I would be worried (if I were to have such treatment).
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    I wonder if they really know. They are taught how to use it, not it's development right? It's just amazing to me how all these chemicals are safe for me, given their interesting applications, when half the time it's down doing my throat.
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    At the very least, someone in the supply chain has to have Material Safety Data Sheets for these compounds. Having said that, though, I did find this which may be of interest -


    There is some mention of the chemicals that may be used in such procedures.
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    Who can say, if you don't ask them? If they don't know (which might well be the case, as you say) then just ask for the packaging these things came in and product data sheets with them.

    If your dentist is using stuff out of white boxes with no markings on at all and has not bothered to ask what he is using, then do you really want to use this dentist?
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    I recall that concern is being expressed in some quarters about the use of mercury amalgams.From personal experience I know that these have been in use for at least fifty years.
    I assume that legislation now requires that any new materials be tested for safety before their use is allowed and I further assume that there is a very slight risk of side effects with some(possibly all) of them.I guess,however that any risks are minimal one reason being that the amounts of materials used are tiny.
    It is probably more unhealthy to eat burger and chips than to have any dental treatment.
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    It's my understanding the mercury amalgam fillings are being phased out too. My dentist mentioned using some sort of porcelain and dental cement mix as an option.
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