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How should I choose my math major adviser?

  1. Feb 27, 2013 #1
    Since I am only an undergrad and not actively planning on attending grad school, it won't be of utmost importance to find the perfect adviser for me.

    I am currently a sophomore. I haven't declared my major yet, but I am pretty sure it will be math. I have only taken linear algebra, calc III, differential equations, probability, and applied algebra. My career plan is to go into finances, but I'm not entirely sure about it, since one of the reasons I chose math is because I really don't know what I want to do after I graduate and math seems to be a pretty useful major as far as jobs go. I really do like math, I'm just not sure which area of math I want to go into. I probably won't go into pure math.
    I think I should look for someone whose research area is more into applied algebra, maybe stochastic calculus (though I haven't taken that yet but I have heard from finance forums that it is a must-take for anyone going into finances).

    How should I broaden my mathematical knowledge? My textbook came with a free membership for SIAM, so I am reading their monthly newsletters, attending math talks (though I hardly understand most of it), etc. Right now, algebra seems pretty interesting, but my exposure to higher mathematics is rather limited.

    Sorry the post got a lot longer than I planned, but I'd appreciate if you could help me enrich my undergraduate math experience.

    Thank you.
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