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How Should I Proceed?( Euler method)

  1. Jun 19, 2012 #1
    This equation uniform silica particle by Aggregative growth model:
    I want solve this equation by Euler method by time step 0.005

    [itex]\partial[/itex]n(k,t)/[itex]\partial[/itex]t =(1/2)Ʃβ(i,k-i)n(i,t)Xn(k-i,t)-n(k,t)Ʃβ(k,i)n(i,t)+[itex]\delta[/itex][itex]_{k,l}[/itex]gn(t).
    Ʃ limits (i=1 to k-1) Ʃ limits (i=1 to infinity)

    n(k,t) is the number density of particles containing k primary particles at time t, β(i,j) is aggregation rate constant of particles of size i and j, [itex]\delta[/itex][itex]_{k,l}[/itex] is 1 for k=1 otherwise 0.
    gn(t) is rate of production particles (k=1).


    Thank in advance
    this is link for problem
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